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International Learn how to Pronounce "Medvedev" Day

I hereby declare today International Learn how to Pronounce "Medvedev" Day since he's officially been elected and we gotta. I have to admit that I have enjoyed listening to American announcers try to wrestle their tongues around his name and I don't blame Clinton for stumbling over it. It's tough for us Americans!

Here's the teacher...

Now I'll try...

Your turn!


I'm glad to see that NPR is helping celebrate the day. Well done!

Y'know, it doesn't help matters that it *looks* like three syllables, and it *sounds* like our teacher is saying three syllables, but her phonetic guide clearly is listing *four* syllables in the name. I say we change the guy's name to an easier to pronounce Slavic name...like Sclarenco!

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