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Catchy Slogan

SLA_GroupShot%28400%29.jpgI was just reading about how Sarah Jane Olson (aka Kathleen Soliah, formerly of the SLA) was released from prison yesterday only to be put back in custody today. Something about someone counting wrong and releasing her from prison a year early. (Huh?)

But what caught my eye was this detail about the Symbionese Liberation Army:

The SLA started in 1973 when no more than a dozen white, college-educated children from middle-class families adopted a seven-headed snake as their symbol and an ex-convict as their leader. Their slogan: "Death to the fascist insect that preys upon the life of the people."

Clearly none of these college-educated white kids did much with composition or creative writing 'cause that sucks as a slogan. I'm glad they never wrote a jingle.


Yeah, I'd at least put an "s" on "insect."

Nah, 'cause isn't the idea behind fascism that everyone works together as one--all those little sticks gathered into one big bundle, so they can accomplish more? "Insect" is probably a more apt term. (But I bet you they spent some time debating it).

It does sound like a slogan by committee. I've sat on some meetings like that where everyone goes in with good intentions and we come out with crap.

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