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Select a Candidate

I mentioned this in the post below and thought it might prove helpful to some people. I'd also encourage people to take the Candidate Blind Taste Test.


Thanks for the post Lars. Put me firmly in McCains courts. Hil and I are polar opposites. Gives me a warm feeling.


Ok, I took the test, and these were my results:

Mike Gravel-21

I guess it shows how much I mistrust Hilary that even though I agree with her positions on so many things, there is still no way I would vote for her. Also, it's odd, but this is the first of these polls I've taken that she's been so high up on the list. The others--Gravel, Obama and Huckabee just kinda trade places. Is Gravel even still in the race?

And I hafta get Brett to take this. He thinks he's all macho republican, but just looking at these questions and positions....nahhhhh...!

Dan, that warm feeling is because you peed in your pants again.

Here are my results:

23 - Obama
22 - Clinton
21 - Gravel
12 - Paul
8 - McCain
2 - Huckabee
2 - Romney

Pretty much as I would have guessed.

Yeah, well, now you'll see why I'm having such a hard time with this election -- I don't agree with anybody:


Well I've heard about this test so I thought I'd try it for kicks.
Huckabee 19.0
McCaine 19.0
Ron Paul 14.0 (shudder)
Mike Grave 4.0 (Oh my gosh how)
Clinton 3.0 (Hopefully not in anyone's lifetime)

How can it be that I agree with amnesty McCaine when it comes to immigration. Oh yes I know you guys are gonna crap on your conservative sister but there you go. I'm gonna stop looking here because you guys will just beat me up at family reunions. Oh well I'll be a state away and will have a choice not to come.

The test isn't very good. It's not properly reflective of the candidates' positions. E.g., it says I agree with a certain candidate on climate change -- but I know his position and record, and it doesn't match what I chose on the test.

From the FAQ:

Q: How did you come up with these questions?
A: The questions mirror the campaign. There might be issues we are interested in that haven't come up in the campaign so far, and those aren't listed here. Should they come up, they will be added to Select A Candidate. The choices from each question mirror positions that candidates have stated. If no answer is close to your position, do not answer the question, for there is no candidate with that position.

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