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It's a dark and scary world out there and nothing's on TV

stakethetv.jpgI Miss Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Megan Gogerty (playwright and self described wordsmith) wrote and recorded this nostalgic ode to her halcyon days with Buffy and posted it on her website as a free download.

I just really discovered Buffy last year and ran through the seven seasons in about nine months. I bought the series as my birthday present to myself and now I'm rewatching the series with my teenage (gasp) daughter.

Here are some great lines from the song for those too technologically challenged to click on the link or need some encouragement to do so:

A friend of mine met the guy who played Xander at a party and in real life she said he was kind of disappointing. I said, "Of course he's disappointing. This is real life and he's an actor. And in real life everyone's disappointing."

I want metaphorical mythology coupled with ontological authenticity. I really don't think that's too much to ask of a show.

I'm this close to reading fan fiction but writing this song is pathetic enough.

I feel your pain, Megan. I really do. Thanks for the laugh.


Nice. I really wish I knew what Joss Whedon was working on now. Karen and I didn't become Buffy fans until _after_ watching Firefly, and we went through them really quick.

Bwahahahahaaaaaa! Finally you have succumbed to the Buffinator. "One More Time with Feeling" has got to be some of the greatest TV on the planet. And, painfully close to my dream of life as a musical. Can I get some jazz hands, people?!

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