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Homeschooling in the Northland


Just because it's called "homeschooling" doesn't mean you hang out at home all day.

Here's a picture of Emma (in the blue) out on an "(ed)Venture" on February 6. She, Simon, and their homeschool buddies, Dane and Ben, have been doing Wednesday activities with them including dog-sledding and snowshoeing. They didn't just go out for a sleigh ride. The instructors taught them how to put on the harness and they took turns driving.


Too cool for words!

Wow. That's awesome.

We have a scheduling conflict for these, but I was trying to think how we could go, too.
HOWEVER, wasn't it about 15 below that day? Or was that the dogsledding day?
It might not be so fun with my 3-year-old.

There have been a few events, like yesterday's, that were canceled due to severe cold. I'm not sure about the day pictured, February 6. I can't remember how cold it was that day.

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