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Adult Language

bookofliz.jpgI'm planning on going to see The Book of Liz tomorrow night at Renegade Comedy Theater. The kids saw the postcard ad over lunch and were impressed that it was written by Amy & David Sedaris. They started to ask if they could come but noticed the caveat - "This show contains adult language."

Emma smirked and said, "'Adult Language' means you say 'maybe' when you mean 'no.'"

Simon laughed and rejoined, "Unless you say it like this - 'Maaaaaaaaaybe' - in which case it means 'yes.' Adult language is a tonal language."

I love my brainy, smart alecky kids.


That's awesome. Makes me wonder what "adult situations" means, really: filing taxes comes to mind.

Oh, you would say that. I'm going to go meet my tax preparer today. I shudder.

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