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Stuff Happens


My good pal Brian sent me this link to The Story of Stuff which traces the production of our unsustainable gluttony of stuff in a very cool interactive format.

Brian told me I should put a link to it on my blog. And of course I do whatever Brian tells me to do. (Brian, get your own damn blog!)

Here's a preview...


Stuff. Ugh. You cant take it with you and yet "everyone" wants more. Infact I talk to the youth group on sunday about blessings and trying to sepperate blessings from stuff. To many times during the Christmas season we value stuff over the only reason we have this season. The birth of my savior. Ipods have nothing to do with it.

You know why "you can't take it with you"? Because Heaven would not be all that heavenly if we still had to keep picking up after everyone!!!!!!!

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Dan!

Alas I can not be as cool as my freind Lawrence - so I must respecfully beg for him to help save the planet - oh well in my next life I will have to be a blog page.

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