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Sit Down Comedy

stool%20on%20stage_150.jpgI was reminded at breakfast yesterday that my son, Simon, is 10 of the funniest people I know. He made some off handed seeming non sequitur about Snow White. Emma and I roared with laughter. Emma told him that he should do stand up comedy and he reminded us that he'd only do "sit down comedy." I had forgotten about his plan.

"Sit down comedy" (TM) is Simon's approach to comedy. Yes, my ten year old has an "approach" to comedy. Got a problem with that? Didn't think so.

Simon's plan is that you'd hire him as a comedian and he'd come out to dinner with you and, say, 5 or 6 of your friends. He'd sit down at the table with you and talk, and you'd laugh, because he's funny, and you'd pick up the tab for his (vegetarian) meal and pay him his normal fee. That's the life of a "sit down comic" (TM).

I think it's brilliant and he's beyond the cutting edge of entertainment. It's completely personalized for the individual need and it's not about someone standing in front of you and showing how wonderful she or he is, it's about building comedy out of a relationship that develops and is unique every time.

Frankly, I'm happy to be his training ground.


Simon is funny, and he was fun to be around when I was a parent helper for Winnie-the-Pooh.

That's brilliant. Simon rocks.

Hey, Simon--if I had the cash, I'd fly you in next week to liven up the Christmas "parties" Brett and I have to go to for his job. Oh, yeah, and the annual Guinn family disas-er, reunion. At least you'd get some material! Keep it up, guy!

What a delightful kid!

Love the wit and humor behind the idea itself...the apple doesn't fall far, does it? Is he for hire? There are plenty of great vegetarian places here in the city...

I like it. In magic there's the notion of "table magic" -- performances designed for the close attention of five or six people, rather than a room- or theater-full. I think comedy is ready for the same intimacy.

Simon is beyond cool to come up with that concept, but somehow that doesn't surprise me, and I'll wager he'll make it happen, too. Hmmm...maybe he should look into trademarking the concept now...

Kid humor is the big pay off for parenting. My whole Christmas letter was a handful of things my little people said during the year that were funny and a bit humbling. People think it a refreshing alternative to the brag letter.

And thanks to the blogger for responding to my post on perfectduluthday. I'm glad there are other writers in the 'hood.

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