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They Paved Paradise...

07-10-13%20wapa%20theater%20marquee.jpgI'm looking forward to heading back to my spawning grounds this week for Thanksgiving some 750 miles away. One of the things I love to do when I'm back at my ancestral home is to go to the old Wapa Cinema, an old single screen movie house that was actually built as a theater for traveling vaudeville shows. So imagine my shock last night when I was on-line to check out what was playing there and found out it's closed.

It was an anachronism in the age of multiplexes and it has, apparently, succumbed to the forces of the marketplace. Even though they showed films for much less than the cinemas 30 miles away, they couldn't make it go.

I am rendered forlorn.

Another part of my childhood has been stripped from me. What's more, my children loved going there. They loved the feel of the place, the non-sterile non-corporate quality of it. Going to a movie there was as much about the space as it was the film. I loved the sloping wooden floors, the creaky seats, the balcony that overhung the last few rows of seats on the main floor.

Still, they haven't torn it down. It's just closed. Maybe someone with a vision can come in and make it work. I don't know. I just hate to see it closed.


If you get down to the Cities check out the Riverview Theatre in South Minnepolis...Classic Movie house with real butter on the popcorn!!!! Sorry your theatre closed. I love independent theatres they are a dying breed.

(I am a friend of 33names of grace and have been lurking on your blog...thanks for the link to the geo chalker site ... what a hoot!!!)

Well the theatre did close. However, it has been either bought or leased by another movie group.

The WAPA Theatre will be re-opening on Nov 21, the day before Thanksgiving. We will be premiering Walt Disney's ENCHANTED (rated PG)

So there will again be a movie theatre in Wapakoneta, Ohio

Good for them! I hope it works out! The first 1 1/2 yrs we lived in Connersville, there was no movie theatre. People drove to Richmond (35 min) or Muncie (1 hr) to go to the movies. I have no idea why anyone would prefer to do that!

Jan, thanks for coming out of the shadows. Michelle is a terrific person.

Dan, great news! Actually, my kids and I have been looking forward to seeing Enchanted. We hope it's as good as the trailers promise.

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