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Halloween Pix

Here are some pictures of Emma and Simon and their friends Kai, Dane, and Annika on Halloween night. This was the first Halloween when I didn't walk with them the whole way and let them go out on their own a bit. Scary for me, but great fun for them.

They trick or treated a gas station, of all places. They went in and they didn't have any candy for them, but promised they would if they came back in a few minutes. They did and they did.

When they got back there was the requisite candy exchange. For the record Reese's Cups are the gold standard. Neco Wafers are pretty much down at the bottom. Also "Fun Size" candy bars have apparently gotten even smaller. Some fun.

Thanks to Amanda for the photos.


Our new neighborhood is trick-or-treat central. There were 2 nights of trick-or-treating, and we had to go buy more candy twice. People commuted from other areas--it was so much fun!

I have to agree with the kids--Reese's cups are the best. I cannot buy them ahead of time anymore, because Brett and I can't keep out of them. This time, I thought I'd avoid that problem by just buying smarties, suckers, that kind of thing. Brett, however, told me I didn't get any good candy, that we'd be a "loser house," and went out to buy lots of chocolate.

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