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New York Travel Tips

Mark Erickson of Infinite Solutions shows you how to pinch pennies in the Big Apple.

And if you believe him you are the most gullible person I know.

Pause on the "original manuscript" for Othello. It's hilarious.


I'm impressed with the amount of work they put into details -- like all the Playbills, many of which you can't see clearly.

That's great...

"By the way - I killed your parents. They were both human..." - There's a reason the play cost $29.50, but it looked well worth it! :)

Yeah, the details are astounding. Mark Erickson are refining video pranking to a fine art.

The whole thing over at Infinite Solutions is great - just enough faux-science and faux-tech to make it believable.

The Google-TV-Beta one is great - I am sure it had people logging in and out of Gmail for days... ;)

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