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Become a Card Carrying Republican!

get_out_of_jail_free_card_small.jpgHere's what all good, loyal Republicans are carrying in their wallets and purses! Get your own! All you have to do is:

  • out undercover CIA opperatives
  • lie about it under oath
  • and protect your bosses like a good little lackey
Come on, everybody's doing it. Ethics? Schmethics!

Learn more!


I smell an election commeth... ;)

Conversely, my Mom was just telling me today that a good friend of one of her friends was pulled out of line at an airport (probably SFO) and grilled because her name was on a "Watch" list--get this--because she once belonged to that well known terrorist organization...the ACLU. Thanks Big Brother. Instead of supporting civil liberties, our government seems more interested in taking liberties with our civilians. :-/

So what is going to happen to Dick Armitage? Isn't he the one who really outed her in the first place? And the Libby commutation really does make him seem like just a "patsy." But, um....isn't ethical politician an oxymoron?

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