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Mommy! Billy says he is beyond good and evil!

nfc.jpgQ: What do you get when you randomly pair Family Circus cartoons with captions from the pen of Friedrich Nietzsche?

A: Hilarity.

The site would be much better if it were cleaner without all of the ads cluttering it up, but it's a brilliant idea even if the execution is, in my opinion, flawed in its presentation.

Thanks to the Professor from Gonzo Science for pointing this out to me.


LOL! Those are exceptionally good ones, indeed--better than any I've pulled up so far. I especially like the "God is dead". Could be because just a few days ago, I snaked the bathroom sink, which wasn't draining...and the snake slithered right out through the trap, causing first a flood, then a chain reaction of repairs to the tune of $1000+. When old houses go bad, they do it in a big way...

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