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Cyborg Dreams

kate_moss_cyborg.jpgI had a good night of very vivid dreams last night and what's more I remembered most of them in the morning. In fact while I was waking up I was still in that delicious semi-dream state where everything takes on a sheen of awe and wonder.

One of the most provocative of my nocturnal narratives was a tale of two people who were infatuated with each other but were too shy to let the other know because, unbeknownst to each other, they were both secretly cyborgs. He had lost his original legs and arms and she had lost her original arms and most of her face. Both were afraid of the rejection they'd face if the other found out that he or she wasn't completely human. In the dream I was a friend to each of them and knew their secrets, but couldn't convince either of them to overcome their shyness.

Had any great dreams lately?


yes, actually I dreamt you were weaving on my loom, in the middle of a large and surreal room, but you had devised some very unique contraptions that made you look like a mad scienctist, somewhere between Albert Einstein and well you...

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