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Death Star Conspiracy - Uncomfortable Questions

death_star_brainstorming.med.jpgMuch has come to light since the incident at Yavin 4. The Empire blames a poorly equipped and badly organized band of rebels. The uncomfortable question is: Can we believe what the official news agency tells us? Could such a small force really perpetrate an attack with such lethal force? Or is there an alternate explanation?

Uncomfortable Questions: An Analysis of the Death Star Attack delves into these issues. Is it treasonous to want to know the truth?

Thanks again to BadCat! for pointing out this to me.

death_star_brainstorming.med.jpgFill in the blank! My favorite will go on the front page. Here's my own. (Click on the image to enlarge.)


Commander! Tear this ship apart until you've found my cheese!

Thanks to Oprah, I now realize I don't have to be a people pleaser.... I feel I can truly express myself as a strong, powerful woman.

Ok, I guess we weren't ready for a female nominee...

Well, they misread the ultrasound.... I've got to repaint the nursery now.

Mission accomplished!

commander, tear this ship apart unitl youve found those plans! if there are any passengers, kill them immedietly, or i'll choke you and buy your girl drinks until shes drunk enough to agree to marry me!

Lord Ilval !!!

Gimme some of that sweet turtle meat will ya?

Why did they have to destroy my Death Star! And why did you scrible out the pink, I like pink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember men, we cannot have any flaw on this whatsoever. And yes Robbie, we will put that hole in the middle of the ship, even if it can destroy all of it. Not like someone will!

Anakin: can we build a round circle? and call it the death star?

Vader: Ok but to make it easy for you to destroy it we'll make a giant hole in it

Anik, y0u /\/\0r0/\/, 4n1l 1 7h1nk 10rd V4der 5h0u1d 3xl41/\/\: " 17 /\/\us7 63 gr3y 70 100k l1k3 73h /\/\00/\/, 4 w3 ar3 l337 n1nj4s!!

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