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Top 10 Censored Things Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Was Responsible For

khalidsheikhmohammed.jpgKhalid Sheikh Mohammed apparently confessed to more than two dozen acts of terrorism in a censored interrogation transcript that the Pentagon released today. In it he apparently confessed to planning the September 11 attacks, beheading Daniel Pearl, plotting the Bali nightclub bombings, and many aborted or unsuccesful attacks, including the Richard Reid shoe bombing, a planned assassination of Bill Clinton, and an aborted attack on Big Ben and many other prominent sites.

But that's not enough for this fiendish mastermind of evil, he also confessed to...

10. causing the Irish potato famine,
9. shooting JR,
8. producing Gigli,
7. putting the bop in the bop-she-bop-she-bop,
6. sinking the Titanic,
5. mixing #5 plastics with #1 and #2 plastics in his recycling,
4. changing Daylight Savings Time,
3. shooting Greedo,
2. causing Global Warming,

and the #1 censored thing Khalid Sheikh Mohammed claimed to be responsible for is...

You tell me. Put it in the comments.


Causing George Bush to be elected....again

(Honestly, Lawrence, I was expecting you to have already listed this one!)

Hmmmm...what else....

1. Initiating the class tourney system for high school basketball in Indiana

2. Setting up Marion Berry

3. The vast right-wing conspiracy

4. trans fats

5. MMORPGs--to destabilize relationships worldwide

6. No, Love Story was based on HIM....

7. Paris Hilton

8. Boy bands

9. Ok, HE was the real killer

10. Crop circles

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