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"You can't stop the signal."

Mr. Universe, Serenity

I know fans will hate me for this, but perhaps the best thing that ever happened to Firefly was that it got canceled. Its cancelation was like the death of young artists, cut off in their prime, forever young and full of possibility.

But the funny thing is, Firefly has not died. Because its potential was so great the mantle has been picked up by fan writers, role players, computer programers, podcasters, and others. You can't stop the signal.

I thought about Firefly the day I heard about the cell phone video of the execution of Sadaam Hussein broadcast to the world. It was the video they didn't want you to see. You can't stop the signal.

I think about Firefly whenever I hear tell of random outbreaks of truth where bloggers and citizen journalists take to the streets and let people know what is going on in their backyard. How many groundbreaking stories in the last year were broken not on ABC or NPR but on YouTube or someone's blog? You can't stop the signal.

I'm a long-term optimist. I believe the truth will always eventually come out. So I stand by those who "aim to misbehave." You can't stop the signal.

Guess my coat does look a mite brownish.

40 for 40, #17

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