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Truth in Comedy

alfranken.jpgYesterday Al Franken officially announced his candidacy for the Minnesota U.S. Senate seat presently held by Norm Coleman. This reminded me that I blogged about this on my old blog, so I decided to find that old post and resurrect it. I stand by what I said then. I think Al will make a great senator and I look forward to seeing him on the campaign trail.

May 2, 2004

Today it was reported in the Minneapolis Star Tribune that Comedian slash Talk Show Host slash Political Pundit slash Slash slash Al Franken is considering a run for the Senate in 2008 against Norm Coleman, one time mayor of St. Paul and Democratic Party deserter.

I say - run, Al, run!

His musings have Republicans scoffing, but I think they actually have reason for genuine concern. As a sometimes comedian I know the power of comedy, because good comedy is not rooted in sight gags or potty humor, but in truth. Good comedians, like Franken, pan through the silt and sludge of daily life and find raw nuggets of truth.

And Franken is a comedian with a conscience. He can't simply uncover the truth and present it to the public, he feels compelled to act. He writes books. He speaks. He visits our troops overseas. He holds forth on radio every day. Furthermore I think that his stint on talk radio will make him more deft with not only the truth but the minutia of the facts and a broad comprehension of the many issues facing our American project.

Further, one of the things that politicians must do effectively is communicate, and Franken is a proven communicator. Although he is well known as a left winger, he maintains cordial relations with many people of divergent points of view and can have real, in-depth, and respectful conversations about the issues.

Lastly, Franken obviously cares deeply. He has a deep moral center that guides him and, I believe, will continue to guide him.

As a Minnesotan, I would be very proud to have Al Franken represent our state in the U. S. Senate.

And back to the present, here is a video Franken released yesterday announcing his candidacy.

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