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Happy 007!

bond_martini.jpgSince this is the dawning of the year of 007 I thought I'd make some New Year Resolutions to match. So, with James Bond as my role model, I do resolve:

  • to drink more martinis, shaken, not stirred
  • to introduce myself by my last name first
  • to do whatever I do imagining what the accompanying soundtrack might be
  • to wear a tux more often, even while jetskiing
  • to always deal with authority with gentle contempt and a crooked smile
  • to trust my wits more than I trust gadgets
  • to get an Aston Martin before year's end, flamethrower optional
What are your James Bond resolutions?


nifty...i like it.

-to exchange banter and titillating innuendo with every lovely young woman I meet...

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