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Half Glass

halfglassfull.jpgToday in an interview with NPR's Juan Williams President Bush defended Vice-President Cheney's continued optimism about Iraq because he has a "half glass full mentality." This totally makes sense to me as the whole Iraqi campaign has been a half glass operation from the start.

When they were planning (and I use the term loosely) the invasion of Iraq they half glassed it by predicting we would be greeted as liberators. When we were figuring out how we would pay for this thing they half glassed it by saying that the oil revenues would more than take care of it. When they defended our continued presence there they half glassed it saying we were leading an international contingent consisting of us, Great Britain, and, oh, lots of folks really! Let's face it. Timelines, strategies, world opinion, everything this administration does in Iraq is half glassed.

Oh, and it doesn't stop there. Bush's response to Hurricane Katrina? Half glassed. After all, wasn't Brownie doing a hell of a job?

Bush's health care plan? Half glassed. It is the only health care proposal that has ever united labor and business in opposition.

Bush's economic policy? Half glassed. Not only does he cut revenue by slashing taxes for the rich, he grows government spending more so than any president since FDR supposing that the next generation will be rich enough to pay for it.

And thanks to this interview we finally understand the underlying principle behind these policies. They are all half glassed.


The glass is not only not half full for Bush and Cheney, it's empty. Spilled. Like milk. And we're all left crying over it. I mean how the fuck did we get here? (Nearly) Half of us voted for him. Perhaps we deserve him (even if the rest of the world doesn't).

I'm cheering, but I can't tell if its for your argument or your cringe-worthy lovely pun.

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