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What Shall We Declare War on Next?

brain on drugsIt don't get much more ironic than this.

The GAO has recently completed a study on the effectiveness of the government's Anti-Drug Ad Campaign, and after 1.4 billion dollars over 18 years not only has the War on Drugs not reduced drug use, it looks like it may have actually increased drug use.

And, of course, a recently released NIE reports that our War on Terror has actually produced more terrorists.

So, let's recap -

War on Drugs = More Drug Users

War on Terror = More Terrorists

Given this track record of success, what shall we declare war on next?

Or, perhaps, just maybe, declaring war, even as a metaphor, is a losing proposition. Hmmmm...


You forgot the War on Poverty, and Nixon's War on Cancer.

Oh, I hadn't forgotten those. I just lacked recent evidence that those wars were actually counterprodcutive. If you have such, do post!

I think we should declare war on the christians. Oh wait, it has happened. They just call it free speech, or equal rights, or abortion. I wish they would call it a WAR on christians so more of us would stand up and become active.

I find it weird and, well, ironic that you say that, as the powers that be that have declared war on drugs and terror have the christian right as their base constituents. I suppose this feeds into the paranoia present in the christian right that they are being oppressed as opposed to being the oppressors.

How about a War on Warriors? Take care of the problem once and for all...

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