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This American Podcast

ira_glass.jpgThis American Life, the best radio show ever, is finally available as a free podcast! Huzzah! Yes, now Ira Glass, Sarah Vowell, David Sedaris, and many others can live on my iPod. For a long time you could listen to a complete archive for free, but finally it is now in podcast form.

If you have never heard This American Life, you can now listen to these finely crafted stories which are alternately funny, shocking, poignant, maddening, and joyful. It has been appointment radio for me since I lived in Chicago ten years ago when the show started as a local program on WBEZ. And now, it is legend.


This week's show-- Fiasco-- includes the story about a production of Peter Pan that went completely haywire. It's one of those stories that is too dangerous to listen to while driving.

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