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Amanda is back and she's going on a road trip!

amandaroadtrip.jpgAmanda Congdon is vlogging across the country from her bedroom in Connecticut all the way to Los Angeles and she's taking us along in her hybrid car. Her 5 week journey is sponsored by Envirnomental Countdown.

Check out her new video blog.


I think that we have witnessed our first webceleb "jumping of the shark."

Is it just me or did AC seem just a little too fired up? What I really mean is that she was completely bonkers and not in the light-hearted, devil-may-care sort of a way. In a "Look I'm being wacky, please watch my vlog!!" sort of a way.

Day 1 was, I have to say, painful. The follow up interviews and pieces have been good. I really liked the recent discussion with Atrios.

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