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Space Invaders

spinrug.jpgRemember Space Invaders? Yeah, it's a little like asking, "Remember the Model A?" or "Remember 8 Tracks?" Well, apparently a lot of people are hankering for the good ol' days. Here is a smattering of artists and enthusiasts who are memorializing the classic arcade game.

spinicon.jpgCheck out this rug. Polish artist Janek Simon used projection television, an actual rug, and old world, low-res design to create this playable Space Invaders rug.

spinla.jpgspinicon.jpgInvader is a Paris-based artist who puts little (and sometimes big) pixelated mosaics of space invaders all over the world. You can track the invasion on his site.

all_design-1121014020_i_4883.jpgspinicon.jpgHere is a mystery. A space invader crop circle! I'm not sure where this comes from. I found it on a Russian site and the picture credits a British photographer and researcher of crop circles, but I couldn't find anything more about it than that. Looks like a fake to me, but a pretty fun one. Let me know if you have any more information on this photo.

spaceinvaders_00376-1.jpgspinicon.jpgAnd why not get into the act yourself? Human Space Invaders! Here is a short film by Swiss filmmaker Guillaume Reymond who in four hours in an empty theatre with 390 frames and 67 persons acting as pixels did a stop motion animation of a Space Invaders game. C'est fantastique!

spinheart.jpgspinicon.jpgHere is a music video for Japanese musician Ken Ishii who mixes the familiar Space Invader music with a techno beat. The film is about the facts of life and death for a Space Invader. After watching this you may just hesitate before pushing the fire button.

spingame.jpgspinicon.jpgAnd if all this makes you nostalgic for the real thing, here is a German site where you can actually play the game as well as get lots of information about the game.

Thanks to Rocketboom for getting me curious about this new invasion.


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