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Bush Uses Bad Language and Language Badly

Yeah, yeah, we all know that Bush used the word "shit" in what he thought was a private moment with Tony Blair. But he used the word correctly and aptly, in my opinion. What offends me is his misuse of the word "irony." Consider the exchange...

Bush: What about Kofi Annan? I don't like the sequence of it. His attitude is basically cease-fire and everything else happens.

Blair: I think the thing that is really difficult is you cant stop this unless you get this international presence agreed.

Bush: She's going. I think Condi's going to go pretty soon.

Blair: Well that's all that matters. If you see, it will take some time to get out of there. But at least it gives people ...

Bush: It's a process I agree. I told her your offer too.

Blair: Well it's only or if she's gonna or if she needs the ground prepared as it were. See, if she goes out she's got to succeed as it were, where as I can just go out and talk.

Bush: See the irony is what they need to do is get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this shit and it's over.

Blair: Cause I think this is all part of the same thing. What does he think? He thinks if Lebanon turns out fine, if he gets a solution in Israel and Palestine, Iraq goes in the right way, he's done it. That's what this whole things about. It's the same with Iran.

Bush: I feel like telling Kofi to get on the phone with Assad and make something happen. We're not blaming Israel and we're not blaming the Lebanese government.

What's ironic about that, Mr. President? Is it situational irony, dramatic irony? No, I think not. I think your perception is that there is a simple answer to the problem and that there is one person who can fix everything if he decided to do so, but everyone is tip-toeing around what you perceive to be the direct path to fix the problem. So you are impatient with all this mincing about with silly diplomacy when all you need to do is call Kofi and for him to phone Assad and then he would call up Hezbollah and everything would be okiedokie. That's not ironic, Mr. President; that's what I would call wishful thinking.

What is ironic is that in this private statement you seem to have so much faith in the power of the Secretary-General of the United Nations yet publically you continually try to undermine and thwart him.

Further, what is ironic is that you still seem to believe in simple answers to complex problems when all the evidence of the past 3 years in Iraq points to the contrary.

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