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Well, Globalize Me


So my kids and I went and bought bikes last weekend celebrating the end of school and the official beginning of summer. I was pleased to find our local store had Huffy bikes because I knew they were made in Celina, Ohio, near where I grew up, and I told my kids this. Emma looked at the tag on the bike and said, "Papa, where in China did you grow up?" Yep, Huffy outsourced.

How do I feel about this? On one hand it felt like part of my childhood was ripped out from under me. On the other hand, I'm not sure globalization is all that bad if it includes the free exchange of ideas as well as products. I like the fact that summer blockbusters are not being rolled out into the cineplexes right now. Why? World Cup fever, that's why. While most Americans are relatively oblivious to World Cup mania, the rest of the world is glued to every play and Hollywood, who sees itself as a global distributor, won't open big films to empty cinemas in India.

We are in the process of becoming a world community. Blogging is evidence of that. And I welcome that. The more we can communicate peer to peer, without the filtering of what the media thinks is important or what governments think is important, the better I think we will be.

Oh, and Ghana, you are so going down in the next match!


"Those Running Dog Capitalists won't know what hit them."

"Yes, comrade, we will undercut them and out produce them."

"Communism is so much more fun since we've become conspicuous consumers!"

"Every boy and girl wants a Great Bike of the People!"

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