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Lives in the Balance

livesinthebalance.jpgJackson Browne released this song in the 80's when we were knee deep in Central American blood. Eerily, the song is more relevant today than ever.

I submitted this video to videobomb and you can see it there too.


Wow. That was moving. My wife and I hate Bush and this administration. I'm a Vietnam Vet ( combat artist - 25th Inf - Cu Chi - '68 -'69 ) and it seems like the news keeps repeating itself.
Question: Isn't being a pastor (in a sense) joining an organized religion, which is in effect condoning the 'us', or our beliefs, vs 'them' ( "we're going to heaven and they're going to hell")? Neighbors announced to me that they were Buddist, and I suggested that they were then part of the problem.

'Excuse the rant -- but that video is depressing. When will we ever learn.


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